Ralph B Dabkiewicz (August 09, 1921 - May 17, 2009)

In loving memory of
Ralph B Dabkiewicz
  • August 09, 1921
  • -
  • May 17, 2009

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Ralph was born in Evanston, Illinois. He served in the United States Army during WW II in the European Theater where he earned a Purple Heart and Bronze Star. He was a member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart. He came here in 1974 following retirement after 30 years with wallpaper manufacturing management. Ralph enjoyed woodworking, watching television and reading. He leaves to cherish his memory a daughter Ann Corder of New Smyrna Beach, sisters Pauline Heyser of Winter Park, FL, Helen O'Leary of Jackson, WY, three grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews.   Donations are requested to Hospice of Volusia 3800 Woodbriar Trail Port Orange FL 32119. Private service will be at the convenience of the family.

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  1. Suzanne (Rutledge)Deasey says:
    09 Jun 2009
    The Dabkiewicz residence was my second home, growing up. Ann and I have been childhood friends since fourth grade. I found Mr. Dabkiewicz a very kind and patient man. He had to be, having Ann and I hanging around the house constantly. I remember "tagging" along to visit Ann's relatives over the years, and Mr. Dabkiewicz treating me as a part of his family.

    I remember the smell of Pine Sol as he cleaned the house. He was a great cook and spent much time in the kitchen making the family meals. One of my most vivid memories was Mr. Dabkiewicz standing on one side of the stove and Mrs. Dabkiewicz standing on the other. Ann and I would be sitting at the long kitchen table as we had many discussions. What about, I don't remember. What was so special was the feeling that Mr. and Mrs. Dabkiewicz slways made me feel like I belonged.

    I visited Ann and Mr. Dabkiewicz in February. I had a very pleasant time and Mr. Dabkiewicz made me feel just as special as he always did when I was a child.

    I am sure that he is with the angels. He was a very special man. He will always be a part of my life. Thank you, Mr. Dabkiewicz, for your generosity and kindness. I will never forget you.

  2. Brandy says:
    30 May 2009
    I'm so fortunate to have been able to know Grandpa. He was funny, kind, and a joy to be around. I really enjoyed getting to spend time with him. His personality and sense of humor kept me laughing the whole time I was around him! I'm so proud of all of his accomplishments and I will always be grateful that he fought to protect our country. This world was a better place with him in it and he will be missed very much.

  3. Phil Giorno says:
    27 May 2009

    I hope this finds you well. Your Dad found peace and he is sitting around with a bunch of veterans buddys telling the tells.

    Thinking of you and your family.

    Phil Giorno

  4. Ann Corder says:
    24 May 2009
    Well Dad, it has been a week since you went home. I miss you so much! I cherish all my memories,,,we were dad and daughter, but we were buddies too. We could talk to each other about anything. We could argue, and then make faces at each other,,and it was pretty much done with. The house seems so empty without you here. Emme misses her beloved "Grandpop" She will always be "Grandpas little girl" I love you always,,, here is a beautiful poem I love, it encompasses loss and joy in a brief moment, between two worlds.....

    The Little Ship

    I stood watching as the little ship sailed out to sea. The setting sun tinted his white sails with a golden light, and as he disappeared from sight a voice at my side whispered, “He is gone”.

    But the sea was a narrow one. On the farther shore a little band of friends had gathered to watch and wait in happy expectation. Suddenly they caught sight of the tiny sail and, at the very moment when my companion had whispered, “He is gone” a glad shout went up in joyous welcome, “Here he comes!”

    Here he comes,,,,,Lord, embrace him and care for him with your infinite love. Reconnect him with those who have gone before him,,, make him whole and well again, and give him eternal life with you. Amen

  5. Jen Sulier says:
    24 May 2009
    Ahhhhh the memories....I was ten , Granddad is dancing with a mop around his kitchen stopping only to stir what ever it was he was creating in one of his big stew pots.....the creation was chili, and I believe it had brownshragger (cant spell) in it... he just casually searched through the frig and what ever he came up with, he would pain stakingly chop into fine little pieces,and throw it in...hee hee. It tasted really good until we found out that what he put in it. Hee hee What belly laughs came from us watching him dance and slowly dip his beloved mop.....
    Even though we spent almost every summer down there, this one stays in my memory because I got a REALLY bad sunburn that year... they grew there own Aloe and they put it on me..Man did that help.
    I remember him and Grandma being patient with us while teaching us to make shell mirrors when they owned there little shop on the beach.."D" Originals...I loved the sound of all of the windchimes that they made ringing both in the store and at there home.
    I will so miss finding new chocolates special for him for his birthday and Christmas....
    I feel blessed to have shares time with him in these past few weeks... I got to once again see his wit and humor as he charmed the nurses, as well as his stubborness...hee hee.... Though I never heard the actual words "I LOVE YOU" I heard it in his serveral heartfelt thank yous for being there for him and for Mom, and his asking about my family...with affection... I will never forget our little chats about Wyoming... and his time in the service...
    I am very proud to call Ralphial Bernardas Dabkiewicz my Granddad... I have thanked him many times for his service to us in the war... in which he was humbled by..
    I learned so much from his experiences both in the War and in his time as a traveling saleman.... So some of the saleman stories got alittle winded HEEE HEEE Just take the I 230 to exit 60 and itll take you tooooooooo...?????
    He will be much missed... and always loved...

  6. Maureen O'Leary says:
    23 May 2009
    Uncle Ralph, - Some memories the time you let me drive the car on the pennsylvania turnpike when I was about 12, you'd reach over and hold the steering wheel when big trucks went by. Then I went to texas with you to visit relatives, I think I was about 14-16. every day you would get up and take me to a riding stable, come back at noon to take me to lunch, return me to the stable and pick me up at 4pm- what a wonderful time I had riding horses all day. Learned to ride bareback there, some tall skinny probably very old horse, would go down to the pond and take him swimming. (I know I did not think of all the creepy crawlers and snakes that were in the pond) I think we did this for a week - what fun I had. I still have the tin face mask I named Ethiopia that the Grinnels gave me. Another memorable one when you took me to a pony ride, it was a oval ring, like a race track. I remember asking the guy, how fast I could go and he said as fast as I wanted. I walked a bit, trotted then kicked the horse and we flew around the track at a run. When I got around the guy flagged me down and took me off the pony. Said I was going to fast!! Guess he did not think I could get the pony to go faster than a trot. I was not happy. Dirty water -- aka whiskey and water, held in a variety of containers, when going hiking. Remember we would give you a sip, when ever you asked how far is it or are we there yet?? We would always reply not far or just around the corner and give you another drink and we would have one too. At the end of the trail we would have New York Sub sandwichs and cold beer, that I or Uncle Ray had carried - Some of the places we went in Wyoming on your visits - String Lake to Bear Paw with the wonderful view of your favorite Mount Moran, Ski Lake (pushing Paula's boy Bobby in a Jogging Stroller- up hill on a narrow rocky trail 3 miles, withthe german shepherds- Kalo and Boca making sure no one got lost ) Goodwin Lake
    then there was the day in my 40's you rode Boychik to around Brooks Lake, mom walked and I rode Big (my new horse) When we got back you informed me Boychick did not ride like any of the race horses you had ridden - I replied what race horses?? Somewhere along the line I had missed that you rode race horses - so you sent me a picture when you got home. in 1991, you baby sat Kalo and Boca when I took mom and dad on a 21day float trip down the Grand Canyon of the Colorado. Every week you drove Boca over to Dr. Tiger's for an ultrasound treatment, where Boca would jump up on the bench seat next to you and sit for her 1/2 hour session. Remember all those float trips down the Snake river some with Polly and Ray and almost always with the dogs. Bald eagles, deer and other animals. Then one year we made you camp out, up on the knoll by your other favorite Sleeping Indian, you slept in Polly and Ray's van, all the rest of us in tents. We had a bid campfire, and cook out, watched the sunset on the sleeping indian and behind the tetons. It is such a beautiful spot. I was so glad you could come back a couple of years ago, and we drove around to all those places, and even over to see Robin (my horse trainer friend) in Dubois and have a beer. you will be missed. Hope you and Dad are enjoying lots of dirty water and being able to move around with ease
    love you, will miss you Maureen

  7. Lee and Eloise Grover says:
    22 May 2009
    A life well spent.

  8. Bill Corder says:
    22 May 2009
    My grandpa was a great man that I got to know at a very young age. He stayed with us almost every summer after my grandmother passed away and I remember driving with him various places (usually to the hardware store to pick up supplies) in his Dodge Dart! I now, have a neighbor that has the exact same car and I walk by it every morning (walking the dogs) and remember my grandfather and the stories and times I spent with him. It seems I remember something different every morning. I enjoyed cooking with him the most because when he cooked it brought out the goofy side in him. We cooked some odd ball stuff together - like duck blood soup and polish kishka. For a man that fought against the germans in WWII he sure did like his sauerkraut too! Anyways, I'm glad I got to know him and the memories we had together will always remain with me. I hope that some day I can be as good of a man as he was.

  9. Sandra, Alan, Charlie & Hugh Frampton says:
    21 May 2009
    Thankyou for your friendship - we enjoyed listening to your stories and wonder at the Evanston you lived in and how it must have changed. It was always fun to compare notes!

  10. Carol, Keith & Olivia says:
    21 May 2009
    You maybe gone from our world, but you'll never be gone from our hearts.

  11. George & Becky Crippen says:
    21 May 2009
    Ralph Dabkiewicz provided George & I and our children with many pleasant memories and smiles throughout the years. We remember the artistic and creative abilities he and Rosemary displayed in their shell creations and the crafts they made to sell to tourists there at New Smyrna Beach. Throughout the years, he often explained and gave many shells and seeds he had collected from the beaches to Craig and Keith, and they treasured them. One winter, Craig often wore a necklace made from a large seed Ralph found that washed up on New Smyrna's beach from Africa. Craig kept that seed in his drawer for years.
    Annually, he and Rosemary opened their home to my mother and us when we traveled to the warm winter weather from Ohio. His hospitality and gentle ways with a warm and fun sense of humor provided us with many smiles.
    We loved hearing his stories of how he and other army soldiers landed on Normandy Beach in France on D-Day. What an incredible contribution he made to our national history! He made the history books come alive for us.
    We will miss Ralph Dabkiewicz and felt privileged to know him.

  12. Bill & Cathy Pinney says:
    21 May 2009
    To us Ralph was an interesting fellow with a good sense of humor.
    May he now join the many loved ones we have waiting for us to join them when our turn comes.
    To Ann--you've proven your dedication to your father and now we hope you relax and enjoy your life!

  13. Ann Corder says:
    21 May 2009
    Dad,,,You were an honorable man, and a wonderful father. I feel blessed, to have had these last years, to give back some small portion of what you have given to me. Thank you for your unselfish service to our country, and all you did to keep us safe and free. I am proud and lucky to be your daughter.
    I will always be your "right hand man"
    Love you forever Dad,,,,,,,,,,,Ann

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