Ocala Funeral Caskets

Funeral Caskets & Services in Ocala

As a leader in funeral services and cremation in Ocala, FL, Baldwin Brothers Cremation also offers a wide variety of funeral caskets in order to meet the wishes of you and your loved ones when a burial is to occur.  Finding the right casket in Ocala for a traditional burial can be a task.  Our team of compassionate, professional and knowledgeable staff at both of our Ocala funeral homes is here to assess every detail and help you with the perfect casket for you or a loved one's burial.

We offer caskets in a wide variety of materials.  From precious metals, rare woods or more traditional material we have a catalog that is sure to meet the needs, wants, and desires of the burial that is to take place.  We offer Persian Bronze as well as several other precious metal caskets and also exotic wood caskets such as mahogany.  If you are looking for a more traditional wood material we also offer oak, cherry, maple, and walnut.

Ocala Funeral Pre-Planning

One of our most popular services in the Marion County and Ocala area are our options for funeral pre-planning.  Pre-planning a funeral takes out all of the guesswork, locks in the price of your funeral and ensures that at the time you or a loved one passes that plans are in place.  Ocala funeral pre-planning also greatly reduces the stress and anxiety involved when the family is required to make decisions without the deceased present.  This time can be full of grief and sorrow, so knowing that a plan in place will alleviate some of the issues you would otherwise have to deal with.

One important part of pre-planning a funeral is to choose if you are going to be cremated or if you elect for a traditional burial.  Should you choose to be buried in a cemetery, we offer a huge variety of Ocala caskets for burial.  These come in all shapes, sizes and materials.  Our knowledgeable staff is here to help ensure that your desires are met when it comes time for an Ocala burial.  By utilizing Ocala funeral pre-planning you can ensure that a casket that you want which also fits your budget is acquired ahead of time.  We have a vast catalog of caskets to choose from to ensure that what you would prefer is available.

Contact our Ocala Funeral Homes

For decades we have been helping the residents of Marion County and Ocala with their funeral and cremation needs.  If you are interested in a traditional burial and would like to see our catalog of Ocala caskets, please get in touch with one of our funeral directors in Ocala today.  We are standing by 24 hours a day to help you and your loved ones during this difficult and trying time.  Our compassionate team of experts will help to alleviate the stress associated with this time while ensuring your final wishes are met.  Call (352) 236-7813 for our Southwest Ocala location or (352) 236-5884 for our downtown Ocala location today!