Planning a Fort Myers Memorial Service

How to Plan a Memorial Service in Fort Myers, FL

Memorial services are organized to honor a departed loved one – family or friend.  This is an opportunity for mourning and saying goodbye with the support of friends and family.  The planning of a memorial service only involves a small group of people and planning a befitting memorial service can be quite a daunting task.  You need to ensure that everything goes as planned and the arrangements turn out just the way you want it.  Here is a checklist to help you in planning a Fort Myers Memorial Service.

Decide on a Theme

The first thing to do is to decide the right theme or purpose for the memorial service.  What are the best memories you share with the deceased?  How devoted was he/she to the family?  Favorite genre of music? Dedication to charity? You can reflect the theme in the decoration, location or music choice, and so forth.

Choose a Location

Locations for memorial services include Fort Myers Funeral Homes, churches,  homes, and other rented event centers. Ensure that you choose a location that can seamlessly accommodate for all invited guests.

Choose a Date

The selected date can be days or weeks after the tragic loss.  However, ensure that the chosen date offers friends and family enough time to adjust their schedule and make travel plans.

Deal with Controversies

Furthermore, ensure that all controversies that might arise between family members after the death have been sorted out.

Write the obituary

To do this, kindly refer to our post on how to write an obituary.  Once you are done writing the obituary, make sure to send it into your local newspaper and email all friends and family.

Choose a leader for the service

Furthermore, choose someone capable enough to lead the service.  This may include son, daughter,  clergy person, close friend, spouse, or sibling.  Ensure that the selected party is experienced and confident enough to address an audience in such a sad time.

Create a plan for service

This comprises of a simple list of how the ceremony will go. This may include:

  • Music
  • Opening Words
  • Candle Lighting
  • Address giving background information
  • Readings
  • Personal reflections by family members or friends
  • Summation by service leader
  • Closing Remarks

Create a Printed Program

You may need to print the program for those that will be in attendance. This will help tell them whats next on the agenda during the memorial service.

Decide on Speakers

Decide on individuals that will be called upon to give highlights or talk briefly about the memories they share with the deceased.


Furthermore, flowers offer added touch to the event, making the memorial service really special.  Choose beautifully scented flowers that will make the occasion more colorful.

Collect Memorabilia

Provide a reflection book for guests to write down their favorite memories.  You can place the reflection book on a table, with the picture of the deceased placed beside it.

Decide on Music

Several memorial services begin and end with music.  Music options may include playing the favorite song of the deceased during the ceremony, our hiring a local music group to perform.  The music played should be calming and healing.

Decide on Readings

Readings also make an important part of a Fort Myers Memorial Service.  Family or friends can write something special to be read during the service.  Ensure that the chosen reading are soothing to the audience.  

Looking To Plan a Memorial Service in Fort Myers?

The Fort Myers FL Funeral Homes of Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society is definitely the perfect Funeral Home in Fort Myers to organize a befitting memorial service for your deceased friend or member of your family.  Contact us today!  We are always ready to tailor our services to your needs.