June 30, 2022 (Sarasota and Naples, Florida) – With a rapidly increasing population, Southwest Florida continues to rank as one of the state’s fastest-growing areas. Well-known for its retirement communities, Sarasota and Naples are two of the newest locations for Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society, Florida’s cremation and funeral services leader. “Making funeral arrangements for loved ones can sometimes be complicated especially if prior arrangements or wishes haven’t been communicated,” shared Evans Baldwin, Vice President of Baldwin Brothers, “For decades we have provided families throughout Florida a warm and compassionate atmosphere during these difficult times.” 

Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society takes a unique approach to the planning process. The company ensures a personal experience, an open-door policy allowing families to tour the facilities at any time and offers affordable pricing and payment options. “The death of a loved one can be overwhelming. We have always accommodated our families with compassion, flexibility and affordability. Because after all, not every circumstance is one that has been planned for,” Baldwin said.  

Baldwin Brothers is seeing a growing aging population in Southwest Florida that recognizes the importance of pre-planning their funeral arrangements. The baby boomer generation is likely the first generation to exercise a precontrive approach when it comes to making their own arrangements well in advance due to financial commitments and personal wishes. “Our newest offices in Sarasota and Naples provides people peace of mind. Many of the residents live here seasonally. Due to fixed incomes they express desires to preplan for financial purposes.  Some residents are less tethered to one specific hometown and cremation is the solution for their families to stay close to their deceased loved one,” shared Baldwin.

Pre-planning a funeral can be made at any time with yourself or family member involvement. Baldwin Brothers can help you pre-plan a funeral for yourself, your spouse or a parent so that the final wishes of you or your loved ones are honored and provide a clear path for those that are responsible during the time of grieving. Confusion and disagreements can be common occurrences when there is no plan to follow, but leaving behind a plan can ease the burden on loved ones during a trying time. 

Planning a funeral ahead of time also allows you to make financial arrangements to cover your funeral costs. Funeral pre-planning is a smart financial planning option because all preplanning services must be secured by a trust account or individual insurance policy, so there can be peace of mind knowing that your financial commitments will be secure until services are needed.

Baldwin Brothers’ reputation is built on trust, compassion and  decades of experience all while providing an unparalleled level of comfort for you and your family. As an award-winning company, every service they offer has you and your loved ones in mind with the goal of making the process as simple as possible. Baldwin Brothers proudly operates 19 Florida Locations.  Our Sarasota Funeral Home is located at 4609 Bee Ridge Road and our Naples Funeral Home is located at 7700 Trail Blvd., Suite 100.

For more information about Baldwin Brothers pre-planning funeral services, visit our website at https://baldwincremation.com or call (877) 410-2424.