6 More Unique Ways to Honor a Memory

Heartfelt Dedications to Match a Special Connection

To memorialize a loved one is a sign of honor and respect that will bring dignity to a past life as well as solace to those in mourning. Choosing the right Orlando funeral home will often include a variety of recommended memorial traditions, but there is truly no wrong way to preserve and tribute that memory of your loved ones. Many families prefer to find unique memorial ideas that reflect the individual nature of those no longer with us. 

Start a Scholarship Fund

A commonly seen custom today is for families to request charitable donations in lieu of flowers. Likewise, if your loved one was particularly avid towards a specific cause or topic, you can start a fund specifically in his or her name. Websites like Charity Smith and Honor Scholarships help surviving families establish scholarship funds and more, so that family and friends can be directed to make donations in the deceased’s name. You can create a lasting and positive impact in the world while forever preserving the name of your loved one. 

Create Customized Candles

Candlelit vigils are a common practice in communities, at services, and in many funeral homes in Orlando. You can custom order decorated candles for this, or in a few easy steps create your own photo candles. First, print out a photograph or your chosen design onto tracing paper. Then use wax paper and a blow dryer to melt the image onto the candle.

Build a Cairn

Picture of a CairnCairns is an ancient tradition of piling rocks in order to create a lasting monument. Carefully stacking large rocks in a meaningful area will immortalize the location where you may choose to spread the ashes. Now you have created an area specific to the memory of the deceased to return to and reflect. 

Play an Honorary Game

Whether the deceased was a regular fan of chess or baseball, organize a day for the friends and family to play in their memory. The past time will bring a spirit of cheer to the mourning experience, while appropriately enacting something that your loved one truly enjoyed outside of the Orlando funeral home. Begin a tradition of playing someone’s favorite game every year for the birthday or the anniversary of the death to aid in the grieving process.

Learn a Skill

Was your loved one a cook, artist, or skilled in some special trade? Spend a day replicating that favorite hobby in order to create an enduring memory that you remind you of that person’s most special talents. Learn to replicate a recipe, take a painting lesson, or take a nature walk; experience whatever act it was that made this person a unique individual. 

Memory Quilt

Many funeral homes in Orlando offer many custom designed displays to include photographs and treasured memories. The memory quilt is an excellent way to save pictures, and you can even create a quilt from the clothing of the deceased. If you are very skilled, you can create one by hand, or simply order one. Now you have a memorial to last for years.