Cremation vs Burial: How To Decide

While the most prepared of us may leave detailed instructions for after life care, very often when our loved ones pass it is not always clear what options of the preferred arrangement. Cremation in America is twice as common today as it was 15 years ago, and the trend has been steadily rising in recent years. However, many still prefer the tradition of burial for a number of spiritual and philosophical reasons. Ultimately, any Orlando funeral home will be able to meet the preferences of whatever the family chooses, but there are several factors to consider when making this important decision.

Orlando Area Cremation Is Often More AffordableOrlando cremation price comparison chart

After the thousands of dollars spent on a casket alone, the average funeral with traditional burial services can cost an average of 7 thousand dollars. Embalming charges alone can easily reach as high as a grand or more, depending on your choice of Orlando funeral home. By comparison, direct cremation services are significantly more affordable, often available at less than half the price of burial. Cremation also allows for more time to plan services and memorials, where as embalming must be completed quickly.

Central Florida Burial Adheres to Many Religious Doctrines

While some religions have practiced cremation for centuries, others have historically viewed it as unacceptable. Depending on your specific religious background, there may be required practices for after-life care. As cremation becomes a more widely common practice for funeral homes in Orlando and across the country, faiths that were previously disparaging of the act have recently begun to accept it in addition to traditional burial. Consult with your pastor or spiritual advisor if you are not sure.

Central Florida Cremation is Viewed As More Earth Friendly

As cemetery lands begin to fill and overcrowd, there is growing concern that space for burial plots will become increasingly scarce. Modern fireless cremation services in Orlando leave a minimal carbon footprint, and many view the act of spreading ashes in a meaningful location as a symbolic return to nature that respectfully honors a person’s remains. Even storing the ashes in an urn is seen as more practical than a large headstone or elaborate vault. Many Orlando funeral homes can divide cremains into separate keepsakes and urns for families that are spread across long distances.

Orlando Burials Create a Location for Comfort in Mourning

Funeral homes in Orlando bring many families solace with the opportunity for a final viewing before burial, a significant chance to say farewell. Embalming helps deliver a sense of dignity and peace before a loved one is put to rest, and a family plot within a cemetery gives an appropriate place to visit that will remain for years to come. A spreading of ashes is an irreversible act, so your family may find greater comfort in a permanent structure.   

Ultimately, this choice is the responsibility of the closest relations acting in the best wishes of the departed. There are a number of factors to consider, so an immediate decision may not always come easily. Do not be afraid to go with the option that instinctively feels more accepting and comfortable to your personal resolve. As long as your loved ones are put to rest with respect and dignity, their legacy will be appropriately honored.