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8 Ways to Honor the Memory of a Loved One

After the funeral service, it is normal to want some special act or token to truly feel at peace with the departed. Honoring the legacy of your loved ones can be done in countless ways. Here are a few suggestions.

Wear Keepsake Jewelry

Keepsake jewelry is a unique and personalized way of carrying a person’s memory everywhere you go. You can create pins, charms, earrings, necklaces, and much more in memoriam to a departed loved one.

Keepsake jewelry can be formed from a number of meaningful items:

  • A Photo
  • A Fingerprint
  • A Sample of Handwriting
  • A Lock of Hair
  • A Piece of Fabric from a Favorite Garment
  • A Personal Drawing   

Following cremation services in Orlando, you may choose to have some of the cremated remains transformed into an endearing jewelry piece. You can have the ashes sealed inside a decorative charm, or some people even use a process that turns ashes into beautiful glass crystals. 

Wind Chimes

Hang wind chimes in honor of the deceased, and receive a touching reminder of them every time the wind blows. You can attach photographs or make your own chimes using your loved one’s personal items.


You can create a charming display of your loved one’s most treasured belongings, and store it in a shadowbox to be cherished for years to come. Include favorite photos and tokens from major highlights in the person’s life.   

Take Flowers to the Grave

Many funeral homes in Central Florida will help with the ordering and arrangement of flowers both during and after the funeral. Placing flowers is a time-honored tradition that brings a peaceful reverie to the site of a loved one’s grave. Flowers are traditionally a symbol of hope and purity, so the visual image helps alleviate some of the loss associated with a burial.

Bringing flowers is also a perfect opportunity to speak a few words to the deceased, an exercise that is highly recommended by grief counselors. Some people in mourning will visit a gravesite regularly and carry on full conversations.

Plant a Memorial Tree

A growing tree is a symbol of strength slowing building over time and an excellent image for overcoming grief. If you have chosen to use Orlando cremation services, you can even plant and grow saplings using the ashes of the departed.   

Save a Seat

Especially when a death is sudden or unexpected, having to continue with important occasions like weddings, birthdays, or holidays can make a person’s absence painfully felt. Reserve a seat at the front row of the next big event for a photo of the departed, so they can attend in spirit.     

Finish a Project

If you lost someone while they were midway through some undertaking, take the time to finish it for them. This meaningful gesture will bring closure to everyone and help lessen the feeling of loss. Whether it is only a small task or a major project, the action is a beautiful way of honoring someone’s memory. 

 UpCycle the Flowers

Request that your Central Florida funeral home saves the flowers from the funeral service and use them to create an attractive keepsake. You can seal flower petals within a display or even transform them into unique jewelry.