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Talk To Loved Ones About Your Final Wishes

How To Communicate With Loved Ones About Your Final Wishes

Many families find it difficult to talk about death, particularly the passing of their closest loved ones. However, as uncomfortable as the topic may be, worse still is the prospect of your loved ones being unprepared to handle the aftermath of your passing. Everything from your preferred Orlando funeral home to estate planning and finances must be made as clear and manageable as possible or your family may be struggling with unfinished arrangements for years to come.

An Important Conversation

Two loved ones talkingIt is important to hold this conversation in a quiet, relaxed setting with only your closest family members, the ones who will be legally responsible for maintaining your estate and after-life care. It is important that you be reassuring at this time. This conversation needs to be comfortable but still cover all the crucial details of your final wishes.

Always have this conversation early, when everyone is in good health. If you wait until you are ill, emotions could be strained and both you and your loved ones may end up acting on a judgment that is somewhat skewed. Many Orlando funeral homes are witness to families who struggle to place together funeral arrangements because final requests were made at the last minute.

Everyone Agrees and Understands

Remember that there is no legal requirement for your family to follow through on your wishes. Families with multiple children often have to contend with the possibility of a disagreement amongst siblings that can lead to frustration and months of conflict. The benefit of holding this conversation early is to give everyone involved an opportunity to voice concerns and agree to a mutual understanding.

Produce a Formal Will

If you formally compose a written will, you can name an executor, either family or a third party, to handle the details of your estate. A formal will guarantees that your estate will be divided as you see fit, not to the people that are fast enough to grab it while some others get left behind. A will also significantly reduces the amount of taxes that get paid to the government while your estate is in probate. With a will, you can grant family members tax reduced gifts and trust funds. 

Let Everyone Know Where Everything Is

Do not leave your family to scour through your personal documents in search deeds, titles, and necessary documents. Let them know right from the start where everything is and what it entails. Prepare a checklist to cover all the details of your afterlife care:

  • Whether you prefer burial or cremation services in Orlando
  • The location of your chosen Orlando funeral home
  • Any pre-planning arrangements you have already purchased
  • Details on the type of ceremony you prefer
  • Speakers and Pallbearers you wish to have at service
  • Details involving your insurance policy
  • Information on deeds, titles, bank accounts, etc

You may include written instructions as detailed as your prefer. The more clear and concise your directions, the easier it will be for your loved ones to follow through.


Another benefit of this conversation is the opportunity for your loved ones to ask for details you may have overlooked. Perhaps you have not looked into the details of Orlando cremation services or you may need assistance drafting a dependable will. This conversation is just as significant for your loved ones as it is for you. Be reassuring, and all will go as planned.