Documents to Put in Place Before You Pass

Documents to Put In Place Before You Die

No one wishes to die but death itself is inevitable.  What happens after you are gone should be of utmost concern. Before you have passed on to the next life, you should have your loved ones, your wealth, assets, and other possessions taken care of, hence, the need to make preparations on how to achieve this.  You don’t need to have the Warren Buffet type of wealth before you start placing the adequate documents in order before you pass on to the afterlife.  Baldwin Brothers, a Fort Myers Funeral Home, brings you a list of records to put in place before you die.

Create a Will

A will is one of the, if not the most vital document that you should own.  A will is a document that contains details describing whom your assets, property, and legacy would be transferred to.  Failure to make a will is tantamount to giving up your property for the state’s intestacy law.

Power Of Attorney

When you are no more you will need someone to take care of your properties and investments.  This is where you will need the power of attorney.  A power of attorney is a legal document that specifies your intent regarding how you want your properties and belongings to be handled.  You have to be careful about who you appoint to carry out the power of attorney.

Life Insurance

A life insurance policy will ensure that your loved ones are well taken care of after you have left them.  You can secure a life insurance policy from most insurance providers.  You should contact your insurance company where you maintain policies to ensure that your beneficiaries are listed correctly.


After you are no longer with your family, your assets can attract public attention as your will may pass through litigation in ascertaining the authenticity of whomsoever it will be given to.  This process can be rigorous and take a toll on your legacy.  The formation of the trust allows you to give your assets or property rights to a trustee for the benefit of a third party beneficiary.  By drafting a trust, you can rest assured that nothing is going to happen to your legacy.

Property distribution can take an ugly turn if these documents are not put in place properly. Be sure to meet a legal adviser to help you set up a will, power of attorney and a trust.

Already Planning for Your Afterlife?

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