How to Prepare Your Family for Your Death

At Baldwin Brothers Cremation in Central Florida and Fort Myers/Lee County, we understand that when a family member passes away, it’s difficult to know which steps to take, especially if the death was unexpected. In our experience, those who are prepared ahead of time save their loved ones the stress of having to guess their loved one’s last wishes. 

Our staff is here to help. We recommend beginning the process by creating a will, keeping your documents safe, and outlining your last wishes clearly. If you’re unsure how to get started, here are the steps you can take below. 

Draft a Will 

This can be an uncomfortable topic among families, but it’s important to draft a living will. This is an official document that indicates to others how you want your assets to be distributed among close friends, family members, and other beneficiaries after you pass. If you don’t have a will, the state may end up determining who will receive your possessions, which could cause conflict among those you leave behind. A will is also an opportunity to name who will take care of any minor children, pets, finances, and estates after your passing. 

Organize Your Documents 

Your will, bank statements, insurance policies, and other essential documents should all be in one place, organized so it’s easy to decipher. Keep in mind that any documents you have should be stored in a secure, fireproof space so they won’t get damaged or lost. For this reason, many individuals like to get a small safe or a vault in their bedroom or personal office at home. Make sure at least one trusted person or your attorney has access to the safe and its contents. Other items to include are any legal forms, social security number, birth certificate, retirement accounts, online passwords, and preferred funeral arrangements. 

Outline Your Last Wishes 

Speaking of funeral arrangements, you should leave your family instructions about how you prefer to be remembered once you pass. This means making crucial decisions such as cremation over burial, or what kind of services you want to be held in your honor. Others may want to be buried or have their ashes scattered in a meaningful, nontraditional place. Having this information ready is helpful for family members who don’t have to guess about what arrangements to put together. You can take the next step and begin the planning process with Baldwin Brothers Cremation in one of our many Florida locations including Lake County and Ocala.

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Death is never an easy subject to talk about, but preparation beforehand is better in the long run. When you take the guesswork out of the equation, and by setting aside the right documentation, you allow your family to grieve properly through a celebration of life. At Baldwin Brothers Cremation in Orlando, FL, we offer our services all over the Central and Southwest Florida. The relationship we have with our clients is built on compassion and trust. We offer a range of services, from cremation to funeral planning and more. If you feel ready to begin, reach out to a caring member of our team today.