How to Talk About Death With a Loved One

The unfortunate truth is that death can happen at any time. It’s also a subject that tends to be avoided when communicating with our close friends or family. At Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society of Florida, we understand that talking about death is a difficult and frightening experience, especially when planning for a future funeral, cremation, or burial in the Ocala, Orlando and Fort Myers Areas. Although discussing death can be intimidating, it is still important to understand your loved one’s final wishes and to carry them out as requested. Below, our staff has provided some suggestions about approaching the subject of death and funeral planning. Read below and contact a member of our team to schedule your appointment today. 

Tips for Talking About Death and Funeral Planning 

First, it is very important not to push the subject of death when the other person isn’t ready. Simply let them know that you feel comfortable talking about the topic when they are ready to come to you. Feel free to use softer words, such as “passed away” in place of the word “death” if that makes things a little easier. Finally, don’t allow your feelings to get hurt if they decide to talk about death or funeral arrangements with someone other than yourself. Once they have made their wishes known, you can begin the pre-planning stage. Here are a few other tips to keep in mind when discussing this difficult topic: 

  • Don’t surprise your loved one with an off-the-cuff conversation about death. Set aside a special time for this discussion and try not to rush it. 
  • Be sure to acknowledge their feelings in the process. Discrediting emotions such as sadness or depression often leads to hurt relationships. 
  • Ask if there are any special requests or wishes that they have with respect to future events. This includes funeral and burial planning as well as the celebration of life service. 
  • Keep the discussion open. Let them know that they can always make a new request if they think of something to add on later. For instance, if they want to request a special song or photo at their memorial service. 
  • Some days will be more difficult than others. If you have tried to discuss death in the past but they are uncomfortable doing so, don’t believe you have failed. Just remember that this conversation can actually alleviate fears and foster stronger bonds between you and your loved one. 

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