Veteran Funerals in Bushnell, FL

Bushnell Veteran Funerals By Baldwin Brothers

Located in Sumter County, FL near the town of Bushnell, Florida lies the Florida National Cemetery.  This cemetery provides burial options for veterans who have died in combat or those that were previous veterans who wish to be buried with the honors bestowed upon those who have served our great nation.  Baldwin Brothers offer Bushnell veteran funeral options for all those who are eligible to be buried in this sacred cemetery.

Every Saturday, the Florida National Cemetery in Sumter County, FL offers burial options for veterans of the United States.  Baldwin Brothers Cremation Society recognizes that these fallen heroes deserve the burial that they fought so hard to deserve during the course of their careers. 

The Florida National Cemetery offers burial options to all members of the armed services, regardless of which branch they did their service in.  The only requirement to be buried in this sacred cemetery is that the individual being commemorated was discharged under any circumstances other than a dishonorable discharge.  In addition to accommodating those who served in a branch of the United States Military, the Florida National Cemetery also allows the spouse, widow or widower to be buried in the same location.  Under certain circumstances this cemetery also allows unmarried adult children with disabilities to be buried alongside their fallen family members.

Veteran Funerals by Baldwin Brothers

We recognize that those who served our great nation deserve burial rights that are granted to them due to their selfless service to the United States.  Because of this, Baldwin Brother’s branches located in The Villages, Orlando and Ocala all offer the option to have the funeral located in Florida National Cemetery near Bushnell, FL. 

If you or a loved one have or previously did serve in the US Military and would like to inquire as to the procedure involved in obtaining burial rights in this historic cemetery, please contact us today so that we can provide you the pertinent information regarding how a burial in this cemetery occurs.  As stated before, funerals are only available on Saturdays each weekend, and we will help you plan this with the convenience of those in attendance at the forefront of our mind. 

In addition to those who were active duty at one point in their United States military careers, those who were in reserve components of the military and who died during active duty, or while in training, or those who were eligible for retirement pay may also eligible for burial in the Florida National Cemetery.

Veteran Cremation and Casket Burial with Baldwin Brothers

The Florida National Cemetery offers burial both by traditional casket as well as those who choose to be cremated.  The cemetery has plots available to accommodate smaller spaces for those who prefer to be commemorated by being cremated, as well as full-sized plots for those who prefer a more traditional, casket burial.  To learn more about all of the options available to our veterans who fought and died bravely for the United States, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your closest Baldwin Brothers Cremation Society location.  We will help make this process as comforting and pain-free as possible.