What If I Want A Memorial Service With Cremation?

Not many people know the difference between a funeral and memorial service. With a funeral, the body is traditionally present and the casket takes center stage. A memorial, on the other hand, offers friends and family members more flexibility since the body does not need to be present. Those who choose cremation over burial traditionally hold a memorial in honor of their loved ones. 

Baldwin Brothers, A Funeral & Cremation Society, is Central Florida’s leading provider in cremation. At our facility, we offer grieving families the opportunity to remember a loved one through cremation and memorial planning. Here is what to consider when planning a memorial service. As you read through this list, keep in mind that any of these can be personalized based on the life that person led. This can help make the event even more meaningful. 

  • Event timing: Since the body does not need to be present, there are fewer limitations on the location or time of the service. For example, you can hold a memorial several weeks after the body has been cremated so family members who live further away can make arrangements to be present. 
  • Display: Though you can decide whether the cremated remains are present at the service, some families like to display them on an altar with photos and special mementos from their life. 
  • Written and spoken words: Obituaries are a timeless tradition, allowing the local community to know when someone has passed and where the memorial will be held. Eulogies, on the other hand, are spoken works celebrating the life of the deceased. Both are wonderful ways in which to say a meaningful goodbye. Both obituaries and eulogies can be used to say goodbye. 
  • Music: To set the mood and provide comfort to mourners, memorial events rely on music. You may want to create a complete playlist of songs the deceased enjoyed or music that reflects their interests and personality. If preferred, close family members can sing or play instruments during the service. 
  • Other media: There are many forms of media, such as video compilations or slideshows, that allow memorial attendees to relive special moments in the life of the deceased. Try to pair fun and meaningful photos and videos together. Best of all, these compilations can be digitized and shared among friends and relatives afterward. 

A memorial service can be stressful and emotional, so an itinerary may help each person understand their roles, such as speakers and musicians. Make sure everyone is on the same page about their portion so the even can run as smoothly as possible. 

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