3 Reasons Why Funerals Are Important To Everyone Involved

The Value of a Meaningful Service

It is not unusual following the death of a  loved one for some people to feel frustrated with the ordeal of afterlife care and funerary arrangements. The confusion and stress involved with finding a reliable Orlando funeral home, planning a eulogy, flowers, and other details often within the first few days of loss can seem unfair. At times, grieving family members tasked with funerary arrangements may question at points the futility of a service, especially for those with little religious background. However, the actions involved in traditional funeral services create not only an honorarium to the deceased but also an opportunity for solace and closure to the mourners. Repeated psychological studies have shown that funerals, whether involving burial or cremation services in Orlando, are a crucial benefit to the grieving process.


The first stage of grief and the arguably the most shocking step is denial. Particularly hen a death is unexpected or the person very young, it can be difficult to fully absorb such a tragic occurrence. Any family members coping with grief will often report an almost dreamlike disbelief even as they speak with officials at Orlando funeral homes regarding the events at hand. This reluctance to accept death is a normal reaction, our mind’s first tactic in protecting us from the painful news, but moving forward in life involves the final stage of grief: acceptance.

The physical act of laying someone’s remains to rest allows our grieving minds to fully accept and understand the loss in the form of gentle ritual. Unlike the initial shock that began the mourning, a traditional service will involve the love and support of family and community. A funeral creates a safe atmosphere for our minds to face death for what it truly is.     


Accepting the loss of a loved oneSince the earliest years of recorded history, human beings have shared their mourning with their peers with physical symbols and adornments to express their loss. The bible tells stories of people tearing their clothes and covering themselves in ashes. To this day, we wear veils, black clothing, and arm bands, and hang wreaths, light candles, and recite prayers, These are not superficial gestures left over from previous eras; expressing one’s sadness is a crucial part of the healing process.

Every person mourns in their own unique way. The benefit of discussing the funerary detail with an experienced Orlando funeral home is that you create the opportunity for everyone to share their sadness with the community in a healthy outlet. Speaking publically the words you wished you had spoken before the loss may have a restorative calming effect


A well-written eulogy combined with a significant act of meaning and honor allows all of us in mourning to truly reflect on the life of the deceased. The officiant of your funeral home in Orlando will encourage you to frequently promote the most important details of a person’s life and preserve the legacy. A traditional funeral service done successfully will have patrons leaving with a fresh realization of the value and meaning of a person’s life.