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6 Surprising Habits That Help With Grief

Healthy Steps to Guide You through a Loss

Because grief affects all of us differently, it can be difficult to truly comprehend what course of action is most beneficial to those in mourning. For some, it can take days, weeks, or even years to reach a point where life feels normal again. A memorial service in an Orlando funeral home is only a part of the pivotal steps in mourning where the end goal is to achieve an understanding of acceptance and inner peace. A regular routine can teach us to remain hopeful and healthy even while dealing with intense emotional pain. Practice these 6 tips to encourage healthy mourning.

Tidy the House

Our moods are often subconsciously affected by the sensory cues that surround us. The accumulation of clutter, laundry, dishes, and overlooked chores creates a snowball effect when someone who is already fatigued or depressed now feels overwhelmed by disorder and mess. Make an added effort (with help from friends, if need be) to keep your personal space clean. An atmosphere that is orderly and comfortable will help lessen the shock and confusion of a loss. Furthermore, experts recommend straightening the room of the deceased and finishing leftover chores as a way of bringing solace and normalcy to the home.    

Brush Your Teeth

Studies have shown that patients that regularly brush and floss their teeth have an easier time recovering from depression. Just as with the messy home, poor grooming habits can increase feelings of hopelessness and low self-esteem that exacerbate over time. The old adage is that you must look good to feel good. Of course, it is not necessary or expected in Orlando funeral homes for anyone to appear prim and perfect while grieving, but make an effort to maintain positive daily hygiene and the healing will come more easily.


When we are active, our brains receive a better supply of oxygen and increased endorphins that improve our moods and enhance our ability to think clearly and rationally. Even a calm stroll on a lovely day will stimulate regions in the brain that lessen the pain of depression, anxiety, and stress. Enjoy a nature walk whenever possible.

Make Breakfast

It can be tempting to overindulge or even self-medicate with alcohol or comfort foods, but now more than ever your body and mind will demand a stable diet. A healthy, high-protein breakfast in the morning helps improve your focus and energy levels throughout the day, helping you remain more mindful and resilient through traumatic times. Rise up out of bed an hour early in the mornings, to allow yourself a calm period of reflection before rushing through hectic schedules and arrangements with Orlando funeral homes.   

Read a Nonfiction Book

Our brains are wired to enjoy curiosity and learning. Babies learn to walk because when we understand or figure something out, we experience a rush of helpful endorphins.  While television is often viewed as an escape, you are actually stagnating your depression by “vegging out” in front of a screen. Instead, pick out a book on an interesting topic. 

Express Yourself

It is crucial that you avoid isolation while mourning. Grief counselors and Orlando funeral homes will always stress the importance of allowing yourself to feel the loss and process emotions as you struggle with them. For this, you must find a healthy way of expressing your thoughts with other people. Whether with friends, clergy, or a local support group, seek out comfort when you need it most.