After Life Arrangements, Orlando Funeral Homes, and Handling the Estate

Coping with the loss of someone close to you is never easy, especially when you must now start the long and often overwhelming process of recovery and finalizing the details of that person’s life. Even with assistance from an Orlando funeral home, many details can be easily overlooked, proving costly when not aptly prepared in advance. Remember these important steps in the times following an unfortunate loss.

Never Hesitate To Ask For Help and Use It

The most important rule to remember when recovering from the loss of someone close, especially when handling the sometimes complex details of the estate, is to never force yourself to handle things alone. Do not be afraid to rely on friends and relatives to help with even the most minute details, as you carefully piece together the big picture. Attempting to sort out cremation services in Orlando and life insurance claims, and juggle bills, children, pets, and meals all while amidst the emotional strain of the grieving process will eventually overwhelm you.

Whether from a trusted friend, clergy, or a qualified professional, it is acceptable and often recommended to seek help if you feel that this time of mourning is too much for you. The demanding final details of a person’s life are many, but you are equally entitled to your opportunity to grieve. Remember that you are not alone, and you can do this.

Making Immediate Arrangements

In the best cases, a person may have a living will, specifying instructions on how to continue. It is common, however, for the next of kin to simply make instinctive decisions based solely on what you truly feel the departed would have preferred. The first and most immediate detail often include the question of a proper disposition of the body. In addition to identifying the correct Orlando funeral home, verify any intentions the departed may have had towards organ donation or body bequeathal. This sometimes must be done within a few hours, so the necessary people can be notified.

The Necessary Contacts

Informing both the family and the public begins simply but evolves into a long list of associates, work relations, and affiliations that will all need to be individually contacted. Begin of course with close friends, family, and employers. It will be necessary to check for any bills or credit card debts, leases or mortgages, bank accounts or life and health insurance policies that will all need to be updated about this loss to prevent future charges, late fees, and when necessary an assuming of the person’s property and obligations to an inheritor.

Agencies dealing with public systems like Voter registration, Social Security, and the DMV will all need to be informed in a timely manner. Multiple copies of the death certificate will be requested by a number places, so take the time to inventory a list. Baldwin Brothers are one of many Orlando funeral homes that will assist in making an accurate estimate of the number you may need. Identity theft is a common occurrence after death, so be certain to cover every possible source, even if it takes a few weeks.   

Closing the Estate

If there is a substantial will involved or not, you will need assistance from a probate attorney to finalize the details of the estate. Typically the will name an executor, someone the departed trusted to carry out his or her final wishes. If no executor is named, this duty often falls to the next of kin who will act in the best interest of the deceased. Keep in touch with a qualified probate attorney after securing arrangements with your preferred funeral home in Orlando, FL.

Closing Online Accounts

An issue that is becoming increasingly more concerning as people continue to rely heavily on internet presence is managing the online accounts of those who have passed. If you are fortunate, a person with many online accounts (ie: Facebook, G-Mail, PayPal, etc) will have passwords stored on a personal computer or written down in an accessible place. Unfortunately, many people are quite private with these kinds of details, and you may find this final step much more difficult than searching Orlando cremation services.

Recent cases have developed in the news of families struggling to obtain access to the accounts of passed loved ones. Popular online companies like Facebook now have an added feature to cover such events as a result of such a demand. However, just as sorting through the various property of those lost is a difficult and lengthy process, it may also take some time to find and unlock a person’s entire online presence.