Cremations, Funerals and Pre-Plans Made Simple & Easy™

Packages from $895

Cremations, Funerals and Pre-Plans Made Simple & Easy™

Packages from $895

Cremation and Funeral Home in the Ocoee Area

Ocoee Cremation Services and Funeral HomeWe know that choosing the right cremation provider can be tricky. Whether you want a simple cremation or full burial and funeral services, our team of professionals at Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society of Florida will work with your family to make sure your final wishes are honored. Our goal is to provide you with options for what happens after death, as well as guidance on how to plan ahead, so there are no surprises when it comes time to say goodbye.

Read below to learn about our services in the Ocoee area, or give us a call to schedule a consultation. We're proud to offer:

● Affordable pricing
● Funeral planning and burial services
Cremation services
● Catered receptions
● Celebration of life events
● Commemorative jewelry
● Decorated caskets and urns
● Services for military members
● 24-hour open-door policy

Pre-planning your requests online

It's never too early to plan a cremation, funeral, or memorial service for yourself or a close member of your family. Planning ahead gives you the opportunity to control the process. Not only that, but Baldwin Brothers locks in the price at the time of purchase, so there are no unexpected costs down the line. Our team of professionals is happy to answer any questions to make everything easy to understand.

Choosing a cremation or funeral provider in the Ocoee area can become complicated with last-minute decisions and family disagreements. Baldwin Brothers offers online planning so you can research our services, choose funeral packages that fit within your budget, and communicate your wishes to your loved ones.

Understanding cremation and urns

Cremation is an increasingly popular alternative for individuals and families. This is because it offers a number of benefits compared to a traditional burial. Cremation is considered more environmentally friendly, does not require a special casket or burial vault, and is less expensive than a burial. Ashes can be scattered in a special location, stored at home in an urn, or even shared among family members who were close with the deceased. Ashes can even be buried if a burial plot has already been chosen.

Memorial service planning

A memorial service is a private event for close family and friends to gather and share memories. We encourage our clients to add personalized details such as photographs, poems, or other meaningful items to add to the service. Our team is happy to help you research options and help you plan your loved one's memorial service. If you want to do something different from traditional services, Baldwin Brothers will work with you to make it happen.

Every family has different needs when it comes time to choosing a final resting place. This is why caskets, burial containers, and cremation urns are all available through Baldwin Brothers. Our directors are happy to explain your options in the Ocoee area and help you make the best choice for your loved one's burial or ashes. If you want to hold a viewing or visitation, we offer different types of caskets, including oak, maple, and walnut.

Easy transfer services

The transfer of your loved one from their place of death to a funeral home can be complicated. There are many laws and safety concerns to take into consideration, so it's important to work with a trusted provider. Baldwin Brothers is available 24/7 for any questions or emergencies that need immediate attention. We want you to feel comfortable knowing your loved one is safe in our care.

Learn about us in the Ocoee area

Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society of Florida is proud to offer a wide range of services, including cremation and traditional funerals as well as urns, memorial events, and more. Our staff in the Ocoee and Orlando area are committed to helping families through difficult times with caring guidance and support. We believe everyone deserves a dignified exit from this life and look forward to sharing our expertise with you.