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Best Ways To Support A Grieving Loved One

Supporting Loved Ones at an Orlando Funeral Home

The grieving process is a trying and difficult time that impacts everyone differently. Some people are able to cope quickly with death and continue on to a feeling of normalcy, but for others, the transition of loss can be painful and long lasting. Funeral homes in Orlando are frequent witness to the various forms of mourning. As a supportive friend, remember a few key tips. 

Listen to Their Story

The best thing you can do for those in mourning is simply available and listen. Now is not the time to talk about your own experiences or advise a person on how they should behave. What your friend or loved one needs now more than ever is your genuine support and sympathy. Orlando funeral homes see countless mourners every year, but no one can truly understand an individual’s personal loss. Listen and be supportive, no matter what.

Things you should NEVER say to a grieving person:

  • It’s time to move on.

Grief does not follow a strict timeline. Allow your loved one to take us much time as they need, whether it is a few weeks or several years. No one ever entirely moves on after a loss.

  • It’s better this way.

This statement is less consoling than it seems. You cannot force acceptance.

  • I know how you feel.

Even if you have also experienced a death, a person’s experience is entirely their own. Never make this about you.

  • He/She is in a better place.
  • You have to stay strong.
  • You should let your emotions out.
  • You should stop crying and keep it together.
  • You’ll feel better soon.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve. However, someone chooses to mourn is entirely about them. Do not avoid speaking the deceased’s name. It helps the grieving process more to speak openly about the dead (and, yes, use the word ‘dead’). Share positive memories and make it clear that it is okay to express feelings about the loss. 

Always Offer Support

Do not wait for your friend to reach out and ask for support. Check in, call, Orlando Funeral Home Support
send supportive and sincere letters of encouragement. Offer to help with chores around the house and covering stressful details like finding an appropriate funeral home in Orlando, FL.

Most importantly, continue to be available, even after the funeral. Whether your loved one is craving company and genuinely prefers time alone, make it clear that you will be around for any need. 

Be Patient

Whether it takes days, months, or years, everyone deserves as much time as necessary to properly mourn. The last thing your friend needs is the impatient feeling that their grief is burdensome to others. Be patient, and allow as much time for healing as is required. Many visitors in funeral homes in Orlando state that no one ever fully recovers from the loss. There will always be pain, so be as considerate as possible.   

Remember Holidays

The first year of loss can be especially difficult, as your loved ones are forced to experience major holidays and without that certain someone. Be sure to remain present on special occasions, to offer support and condolences when thy are hardest felt. Your preferred Orlando funeral home can provide multiple memorial options to help preserve memories over time.